XGobi on PCs People frequently ask whether there's a version of xgobi that runs under Windows, and we've never had anything better to suggest than to use a product like Hummingbird Exceed to start xgobi on a remote machine running UNIX and display the window locally on a PC running Windows. Recently, though, Brian Ripley put together a version of xgobi that works under X servers that run directly on the PC.


The two X servers that promise to do this are: MI/X and Vista/Exceed.


He doesn't offer to help you debug, and we don't know enough yet to help, so you're on your own. We'd love it, though, if you'd send us information about your experiences with this approach so we can learn.

Comments from Di Cook, on getting this to work:

To get it to work, I needed to edit the xgobi.bat file as follows:

@echo off
rem set PATH to avoid environment overflow
set DISPLAY=localhost:0.0
set XGOBIDIR=c:/Di/xgobi-95
c:\Di\xgobi-95\xgobi.exe c:\Di\xgobi-95\data\flea
rem c:\Di\xgobi-95\xgobi.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

Then I start the X server, and double-click on the xgobi.bat file icon.