The AT&T Visual API is a network service providing Visual Intelligence to enterprise and mobile applications by transforming content into textual and indexed representations.

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Over the last two decades, AT&T has continued to develop world-class content analysis and computer vision technology. Video segmentation, album management, audio and video near-copy detection, face detection and recognition, natural language-based search, and quality assessment are just a handful of exposed capabilities.

Rethink your enterprise services and mobile applications with the Visual API, powered by the AT&T Content Analysis Engine℠ and the AT&T WATSON℠ speech engine.

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The goal of the VisualAPI is making Visual Intelligence easy for new applications.

  • No additional software to develop and deploy to utilize the functionality of the Visual API.
  • As a network service, capabilities are available to mobile, desktop, enterprise, and back-end solution providers.
  • The Visual API creates visual intelligence for your content, imposing no storage constraints. That means you can store, stream or playback, and re-encode your content with no changes required for your existing solutions.
  • Responses from the Visual API are bandwidth-friendly. Once the content is transmitted to the Visual API, lightweight XML or JSON can be retrieved by any network connected device.

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